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What is plagiarism?

Did you ever wonder what plagiarism really is and why so many people oppose it fiercely? If so, then this information is for you. We have decided to go into greater details on this notion in order to let our readers see and gain a better understanding of why plagiarism is not their best choice.

However, first things first: let’s start with a definition.


Plagiarism definition


According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, plagiarism is an act of presenting as brand-new and unique a thought taken from an already existing source. Even though most students view this notion is simply “copying” or “borrowing,” in reality plagiarism is actually stealing.

One might not only take someone’s ideas or thoughts but also visuals like images and videos, music, etc. On top of that, depending on the definition of the intellectual property in different countries, plagiarism notion can change too.

Colleges aiming to prevent plagiarism now install special software which detects ideas stolen from other sources. Celebrities monitor the market to see whether other people made covers of their songs. All these measures aim to avoid theft of the intellectual property. Why is it so bad? We are about to introduce you to the main issues with plagiarizing somebody’s work.


Why not plagiarize


The first thing one should be aware of when it comes to plagiarism is that the government controls the plagiarism and can even punish those breaking the rules. Not only one can pay significant fines, but also lose his job, experience difficulties in college, or damage the good image.

So, let’s see all the reasons why one should stay away from using someone’s work without giving credit to the author.


1. It is not ethical


If you do not view plagiarism as stealing, then you should change your perspective on it. You are not borrowing information, as when you borrow you realize that it’s not yours. But when you copy the ideas without permission and present them as your own original thoughts, you are committing a crime. It is immoral just like any other kind of theft and should be viewed and treated the same way. So, the first issue of plagiarism is the fact that it is not ethical.


2. You are losing credibility


If you are a blogger, then creating unique content is essential to you. The search engines recognize original texts better and let appear on the first search results pages. On top of that, you create a good image in the eyes of your target audience which will view you as a trustworthy and professional writer.

Besides if you are a student, then plagiarism in your papers might have an adverse impact on the reputation. Teachers, who used to trust you and find your ideas fresh and original, would no longer be able to trust your work. So, the second reason you should not steal the work of others is your own reputation.


3. You lose a chance to learn


No matter whether you are copying someone else’s thoughts for school or work, you are missing a chance to increase your level of expertise in a particular area with it. We realize that some subjects or projects might seem tedious and exhausting. However, ignoring them is not an option. It will take a little bit more discipline to craft it yourself, but the results of the acquired knowledge and experience are truly rewarding. So, don’t cheat on yourself.


4. You can hinder your prospects


Finally, by using the existing information instead of researching or working yourself, you hinder your future career. The problem with plagiarism is not only that you will be punished for it, but also that you can hinder the future career. Lack of knowledge in a particular area can become a problem sooner or later. So, instead of escaping the responsibility, try studying harder.

Plagiarism is a problem today, and we insist that our readers must be careful with it. Not only consequences will find you in the long run but also your good name and trustworthiness can be damaged. Use all your creativity when working, and you will never have to copy someone else’s thoughts. In case you need to check your texts and see whether it contains unoriginal parts, you can always use the tools mentioned on our page.

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